Tea Tv On Android TV : Download Tea Tv APK For Android Tv Box

Tea TV on Android Tv is a perfect entertainment solution for those who like things on the go. This Android compatible app gives you access to tons of videos, shows and movies. Everything on this app is streamed in high quality. TeaTV is a new app but has already registered itself as one of the best.

If you have an Android TV, you will like to watch your favorite content on the larger screen of the TV. Well, it is possible to get Tea TV on Android TV now. This lets you view the amazing quality videos on your TV. The installation process may not be straightforward but it is quite simple. In this article we will learn to install Tea TV on Android TV. Keep reading.

Why Use on Android TV

Android TV is an operating system designed specifically for Smart TVs and streaming devices, providing users with a more optimized and immersive viewing experience. Teatv is a great option for Android TV users for several reasons:

  • Large screen size: Android TVs come with larger screens, providing users with a more immersive viewing experience. Teatv, with its high-quality video streaming, offers users the ability to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows in high resolution on a larger screen.
  • Ease of use: Teatv is optimized for Android TV, making it easy for users to navigate the app on their Smart TV. The interface is designed to work seamlessly with the Android TV remote, providing users with an intuitive and familiar experience.
  • Compatibility: Teatv is designed to be compatible with various Android TV devices, making it easy for users to install and use the app on their preferred device.
  • Customizable settings: Teatv offers customizable settings, allowing users to adjust the video quality and language settings to their preference. These settings can be accessed directly on the Android TV interface, making it easy for users to customize their viewing experience.
  • Access to a vast library of content: Teatv provides users with access to a vast library of movies and TV shows, including recent releases and classic titles. Android TV users can easily search for their favorite content on Teatv, making it a great option for users looking to enjoy a wide range of movies and TV shows.


Want to watch top quality HD content on your TV though Android Box? Well, TeaTV is the app you must get. But, the challenge is that this app is not available on Google Play Store. So, the question is – how do we get Tea TV on Android TV?

Teatv For Android Tv

The answer is as straightforward as the question. We will take you through a workaround that will install Tea TV on Android TV Box quickly, easily and safely. This workaround is what we love to call side-loading. It is a manual installation process using APK file.

NO! You don’t have to root your Android Box. So, no worries! Keep reading.


This is the first thing we have to do when we need to install a third party app on Android. Here are the simple steps to download Tea TV APK for Android TV:

  • Turn on Android TV Box and make sure it is connected to internet. Now, open a browser and Download TeaTv APK File
  • If you like, you can download this file on your computer as well. You may copy the file to Android box later
  • This file is on our server and it is 100% safe. We have tested it.
  • You may also scan and test it with an antivirus tool
  • You can use this APK file to install Tea Tv on Firestick TV

Teatv for Smart TV

Teatv is compatible with various Smart TVs, including Samsung, LG, and Sony TVs. Users can install the app on their Smart TV by downloading the APK file and transferring it to their TV using a USB drive. Once the app is installed, users can access the same features available on the Android app. Comparatively, Teatv on Smart TVs offers a better viewing experience due to the larger screen size, making it a great option for users who enjoy watching movies and TV shows on the big screen.


You now have the APK file. Now we will learn to install Tea TV on Android TV Box. This part is also super easy. Just follow each step carefully:

  1. We need to enable Unknown Sources in order to install third-party APK. Go to Settings and then select ‘More Settings’. Now open Security option. Here, you can turn the Unknown Sources ON (or rather enable it)
  2. Now navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Tea TV APK file. You will need to use ES File Explorer or any other File Manager you may have
  3. Run the APK file so that the installation process may start
  4. You will see a prompt on the screen asking for your permission to install the app. You need to click on ‘Install’.
  5. Now the only thing you have to do is wait for a minute (or a little more) to allow the installation process to complete.

Tea TV on Android TV download is now complete. Go ahead and enjoy the top quality movies and shows on your TV. We are confident you will have a great time.


Teat TV is an incredible app to stream and watch high quality content on your mobile device. But, sometimes there is more fun in sitting back in the couch and watching the videos on the bigger screen of the TV. Thankfully, you can download Tea TV on Android TV using the APK file.